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Engineering Division Gives Importance to Training

The Training and Management Development activities comprise the continuous process in integrating the needs of the organization with those of the individuals for growth and development. Training & Development needs are identified and discussed with the Head of the Departments, Annual Training Calendars are prepared and Programs and Workshops are organized periodically.

Some of our external training programs:

  • Welding Procedure & Reference Standards
  • Welding Qualification: Covered topics on the position of welding torch, welding life, importance of welder classification, advantages, safety, improvement, customer satisfaction, good quality welding, time saving, continual improvement and team work.
  • Welding Coordinator Training: Trainees were trained on the visual inspection process, acceptance criteria and on using different types of standards.
  • Welding Visual Testing: Information was provided on visual inspection to improve product quality. Learning about NDT methods such as MPT, DP and visual testing were also included.

Some of our internal training programs:

  • Basics of Manufacturing Process - application & types: The basics of types of welding, their process and defects were covered.
  • Functional skills are given equal importance. Soft skill training such as personality development, communication, teamwork, improving workplace behaviour, planning and organizing are imparted as a continuous learning process. Individuals are encouraged to learn from the marketplace and customer project sites through site visits and interaction.